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Nord Stage 3 Compact 73-Key Digital Keyboard

Nord Stage 3 Compact 73-Key Digital Keyboard
Nord Stage 3 Compact 73-Key Digital Keyboard
Nord Stage 3 Compact 73-Key Digital Keyboard
Nord Stage 3 Compact 73-Key Digital Keyboard
Nord Stage 3 Compact 73-Key Digital Keyboard
Nord Stage 3 Compact 73-Key Digital Keyboard
Nord Stage 3 Compact 73-Key Digital Keyboard

Nord Stage 3 Compact 73-Key Digital Keyboard

NOT LONG TIME IN USE. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLZ MESSAGE ME!! 400 programs - 8 banks of 10 pages each. Each page has 5 cells.

Song Mode - 8 banks of 50 songs, 5 slots per song. 5 slots for easy setting changes (on live performances). 2 slots with individual settings. 3 control resources (mod wheel, expression pedal, aftertouch).

Programmable transposition +/- 6 semitones. Master Clock functionality with manual or tap-tempo speed control. Internal and MIDI clock resource.

Up to 3 split points (4 zones) with visual LED indication. 3 width options for Split Point function: Lrg, Sml or Off.

B3 organ emulation conforms to Nord C2D. 2 models of digital wind organs. 9 digital "Faders" for adjusting organ registers.

2 Fader settings for each program. 2 GB memory for piano samples. All sounds can be moved using Nord Sound Manager (Mac / Win). Categories: Grand pianos, upright pianos, electric pianos, digital, combination and clavinets / harpsichords. String Resonance (2nd Generation) for Acoustic Pianos.

Selectable note decay effect Soft Piano Release. Pedal noise when using the Nord Triple Pedal (optional) with acoustic grand pianos or electric pianos selected. Ability to detune layers (slots). Nord Lead A1 module with sample playback.

Dedicated OLED display for the oscillator section. 480 megabytes of memory for Nord Sample Library.

All samples can be moved using the Nord Sound Manager (Mac / Win). Oscillator types: classic, wavetable, formant, S-wave and sample. Oscillator Configurations: Pitch, Detune, Shape, Sync, Sine, Triangle, Square, Saw, Bell and Noise Mix, FM and Ring Mod. Classic transistor Ladder filter (LP M), 12 & 24 dB Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and combined Low Pass / Band Pass (LP + BP) filters. Drive Filter: Off, 1, 2 and 3. Filter Tracking: Off, 1/3, 2/3 and Full. Amplitude envelope (Attack, Decay, Sustain) with velocity control. Modulation envelope (Attack, Decay, Sustain) with velocity control. LFO with 5 waveforms / modes: Square, Triangle, Ramp Dn, Ramp Up and Sample & Hold. 400 (8x50) synth presets with categories.

Arpeggiator (Up, Down, Up-Down and Random). Range: 1,2,3 or 4 octaves. LFO and Arpeggiator sync to Master Clock. Effect 1: Ring Modulator, Tremolo, Auto Pan, Wah-Wah, AutoWah 1, Autowah 2.

Effect 2: Flanger, Vibe, 2 Phasers, 2 Choruses. Delay with Tempo control, Feedbackand Mix (Dry / Wet), Ping-Pong mode (stereo effect), Tap-Tempo function, Feedback Filter (HP / LP / BP) and selectable analog mode. 3 types of amplifiers, JC, Twin and Small.

Filter Mode (HP24 / LP24) with Cut-off and Resonance Control. Cabinet emulation with adjustable overdrive. 3-band equalizer with adjustable range: 100 Hz, 200 Hz - 8 kHz and 4 kHz. Simulated speaker rotation: variable speed (stop, slow and fast) and separate overdrive. Advanced Morphing Parameters - (Filter Resonance, Reverb Dry / Wet, Delay Feedback, Amp Drive). Effects speeds / tempo can be synchronized to Master Clock. Reverb - 6 algorithms, each with Bright mode.

Stereo headphone out - ¼ , 6,35 mm stereo jack. 1 monitor input - 1/8 , 3.5 mm stereo jack. Sustain Pedal Input - ¼ , 6.35mm Jack.

Use momentary pedals such as Roland DP-2, DP-6, Yamaha FC-4, FC-5, Fatar VFP1-25, etc. Rotor pedal input - , 6.35mm jack. Use momentary or switch type pedals. Organ volume pedal input - ¼ , 6.35 mm TRS stereo jack.

Use expression or control pedals such as Yamaha FC-7, Roland EV-5, etc. Programmable pedal - 1/4 , 6.35mm TRS stereo.

Program switch pedal input - ¼ , 6.35mm jack. Use a two-button pedal such as Boss FS-6, Boss FS-7, etc. MIDI input - 5 pin DIN. MIDI output - 5 pin DIN. USB-B type for MIDI transmission, software updates and sound movement.

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  • Model: Nord Stage 3 Compact 73-Key
  • Number of Keys: 73
  • Instrument: Electronic Keyboard
  • Action: Synth
  • Brand: NORD
  • Features: Arpeggiator

Nord Stage 3 Compact 73-Key Digital Keyboard